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Addressing Increasing Opioid Overdoses in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, we experienced a 5% overall increase in opioid-related overdose deaths in 2020 compared to 2019—the first increase in annual opioid-related deaths in three years. Even more significant is the overdose death rate among Black non-Hispanic males which...

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Opioid Overdose Deaths Rise During Pandemic

Deaths from opioid overdoses increased in Massachusetts during the pandemic, after three years of a steady decline. The rise in deaths is an alarming sign and one that experts say is likely indicative of the harmful impacts the pandemic is having on…

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Your Rights in Recovery: A Toolkit

Pathways to recovery are difficult to navigate and can be fraught with misinformation, stigma, and injustice. But, there are laws and policies to protect people seeking treatment or engaged in treatment. RIZE Massachusetts, in partnership with Health…

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View from the Field: The Story of Together in Recovery

By Julie Burns, RIZE Massachusetts and Livia Davis, C4 Innovations

“Because of Together in Recovery, I learned how important it is to recognize that the path to recovery is very unique—not just to an individual, but also to each provider and organization, and that we may do things a certain way based on our population…

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