Read the frequently asked questions below to determine if your organization could be a potential grantee.


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How does grantmaking work?

RIZE Massachusetts issues grants designed to target the epidemic of opioid overdose and addiction spanning prevention to treatment to long-term recovery. One of our top priorities is to measure the outcomes and effectiveness of our funding and to work with public and private insurers as they consider the impact of the most promising initiatives. Sustainability of the programs we fund is essential and a key factor in our selection criteria.

RIZE’s vision is that our funding will lead to meaningful and positive results in addressing not just the immediate crisis of opioid overdose death but will also improve alignment among the overall health care and insurance systems, and evidence-based addiction treatment practices.

We use the following process to develop our grants and program-related contracts. The process depends on the complexity of the project, available funding, and sequencing with our other program investments.

  • Direct solicitation: When we know that an organization is well-suited to perform the work, we will directly solicit a concept memo or proposal.
  • Discussion: In some cases, we will invite organizations to discuss an idea with us and explore their interest and capacity to undertake the work. If the organization has the expertise, capacity, and interest, we may invite them to submit a concept memo or proposal.
  • Request for proposal (RFP): When we want to broaden our network or fund multiple organizations for a project, we will issue an RFP. Public RFPs are posted on our website and distributed to our email list; private RFPs are directed to specific organizations.
  • Policy and convening: Depending on the subject, we will use one of the models above to seek policy-relevant research ranging from landscape analyses to more formal studies. This research will often be presented via a forum or convening.
What is the average size of your grants?

RIZE grants vary in amount and are dependent on criteria of the program. We encourage you to apply for grants for which your program is a clear fit.

How do I apply for a grant?

RIZE issues RPFs throughout the year. We announce these through our email distribution list and by posting them on our website. Please note that we are unable to consider unsolicited proposals for donations. Sign up for our distribution list here.

Can I contact RIZE to vet an idea?

Yes. Applicants are encouraged to call RIZE to discuss ideas and how your program fits within our strategic framework. Contact info here.

Who should not apply?

RIZE does not accept applications from religious institutions, for-profit institutions, or individuals.

My organization does not have nonprofit status designation. Can I apply for a RIZE grant?

RIZE provides grants to 501c(3) organizations that are based and operate in Massachusetts. As part of its vetting process, RIZE requires audited financial statements and IRS 990s for the past two years from organizations seeking grant funding.

If an organization does not have its own tax-exempt designation, it must provide proof of tax-exempt designation from its fiscal agent.

What are your deadlines?

RIZE issues RPFs throughout the year. Information about the deadlines are included in the grant guidelines.

My organization is a current grantee of RIZE. Can I apply for funding for a different program?

Yes. Please contact Senior Program Officer Anne Marie Boursiquot King if you have questions.

How do I join your mailing list?

You may join the RIZE distribution list here.

Who makes funding decisions?

For each grant opportunity, RIZE Massachusetts invites subject-matter experts and people with lived experience to review applications and make recommendations for funding. Reviewer and RIZE staff recommendations are presented to the program strategy committee of the board for approval and recommendation to the full board for a vote.

Do you make grants to capital campaigns?

RIZE does not make grants to capital campaigns. Please visit the What We Fund page for more information.

Do you fund salaries and operating expenses?

Yes. RIZE allows requests for general operating expenses, including salaries, as part of a grant application.

What is your indirect costs rate?

RIZE allows up to 15% of indirect costs to be included in a project budget.

Do you fund multi-year grants?


Do you support events or provide sponsorships?

Please note that RIZE does not fund events or provide sponsorships of any kind and we are unable to consider unsolicited proposals for donations.