Linkages to Care (LinC) Grant Program

Research shows that individuals who survive a nonfatal overdose are at increased risk for future overdose, and linking individuals post-overdose to ongoing services through outreach and engagement strategies is likely to save lives. The Linkages to Care (LinC) funding opportunity seeks to strengthen broad-based, multi-stakeholder networks and partnerships between community-based organizations (CBOs) and healthcare entities. RIZE is offering a limited number of grants up to $125,000 per year for two years to fund the development of a comprehensive LinC program. The goals are 1.) to support people who use substances and those seeking treatment by building connections and collaboration across systems and disciplines, and 2.) to reduce overdose deaths by promoting safety, wellness, and recovery by eliminating barriers and increasing coordination during points of transition.

RIZE invites applications from non-profit community-based treatment, harm reduction, and recovery programs in Massachusetts. Selected grantees should be able to demonstrate an existing or new partnership with a hospital, community health center, or other healthcare provider that provides inpatient treatment services through a letter of support or a memorandum of understanding.

Please find the grant guidelines, budget form, and application linked below. Questions about the grant process or the application materials can be submitted by email to

All applications must be submitted to RIZE by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 26, 2024.

Please see here for questions about our RFP process and other FAQs about applying for a RIZE grant.